Student's Area



"Great talkers are never great doers"
The primary goal of STUDY GROUP is to provide help, particularly, to Nepalese students who aspire to go for study abroad by enrolling them in the best available international institutions. STUDY GROUP serves to those who have enthusiasm to achieve something better in life. We always strive to focus on skill generating education that lays the platform for flourishing the critical and creative genius of students.
In the light of global demands for embracing the ultramodern technologies, Nepalese students have to benefit from it. STUDY GROUP conducts various classes like computer courses, corporate culture, bridge courses, behavioral skill etc, to enhance the skill of students in advance. As a result, thousands of students, who chose STUDY GROUP for going abroad, are very comfortable with advanced life style over there. Besides, we have been conducting preparation classes for TOEFL / IELTS /SAT/GRE/ GMAT and the like.
"Where there is a will there is a way."